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"Amazing experience.  It was more than I had expected.  I went to the most wonderful places in Sedona with Crystal StarrWeaver.  She was a heavenly messenger with her wisdom.  She shared exactly what I deserved to hear.  It was more than just a tour around Sedona it was a heart connection."

Anna, from San Francisco, California  

"I was lucky enough to participate in a tour with Crystal. It has been some length of time ago, but the experience has never left me. She is an excellent storyteller, has amazing intuitive insights so she can tune in to what her clients need and would enjoy, and is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the Sedona area in the areas of Geology, Native American history and the sacred and metaphysical properties of the area.  I had visited Bell Rock before but my appreciation of Sedona as a 5 year resident as well as feeling the energy of a vortex was heightened to such a degree that it was remarkable. She led us on a guided meditation and it felt very healing. Crystal is the quintessential guide! It is easy to recommend her as the best private tour guide for the healing and vortex tours. And she offers a wide variety. I know she has a lot of return clients who come back again and again. 5 stars!!!!"



 "...... this was the most changing moment in my life."

 Marie,  Las Vegas, NV



"My life was in chaos and I couldn't figure out my next step, I went on a journey with Crystal - not just to the energy of Sedona's Vortexes, but a journey into my soul and heart and found myself.  Thank you sooooo much for assisting me to know who I AM "


Cynthina, Illinois


"I can't explain what happen while doing a Medicine Wheel Ceremony with Crystal StarrWeaver.  It was life changing as I released my illusions to the Grizzly Bear to see the beautiful jewels I created in my life."  

 Janice and Mark, Wyoming


"10 hours, 14 hours, and even more is not enough time to see and feel everything in Sedona,  Spirit Journeys took us to some sacred places that activated my soul to remember who I truly Am and why I Am here.  I will bring back the messages to my family."  

    Steve and Marie,          Wisconsin


"Crystal StarrWeaver was so gracious to assist me in claiming my abundance and claiming my purpose. in life."  If I had not gone with her on the land, I wonder where I would be today without the Empowerment to claim ME."

 Jean,  California 


"What an amazing Wedding we had in Sedona, Crystal filled in when we changed our minds on the person we had scheduled to do the wedding.   Their are not Accidents - She was the one who touched our hearts as she spoke the words and creating a wonderful ceremony for us as we exchanged our vows of commitment.  Thank you."

 Ruth and James, New Jersey



Customized Personalized

Spiritual Journeys &

Spectacular Vortex Tours


Join Crystal StarrWeaver out

on the land of Sedona. 

 It is easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Pick a Date and Time

2. Set an Intention or Focus

3. Call and Book your Tour / Journey


"Spectacular Sedona Vortex Journey"

(variety of topics & locations)

"Medicine Wheel & Vortex Journey"

"Native American Journey" 

"Life Balancing on the Red Rocks"

"Sacred Lands Journeys" 

"Sunrise or Sunset"

"Discover Sedona's Energy"

"Mother Earth Journey"

1 Location Meditation / Focus

"Al a Carte" (Customized)


These are very personalized tours to assist you on your Spiritual Path,

Life Journey, Activating your Empowerment, Wisdom Journey,

Exploring the Medicine Wheel, and much more.  It also

 includes actually being on the Sacred Land & Red Rocks,

in the Vortex (Vortices), and learning about Ancient History & Geology,

Native American connections.  It is customized to your interests, physical abilities, and time.  



"Discover Sedona's Vortex Energies"

"Nature & Photography Tour"

"What is a Vortex?"

"Al a Carte Vortexes" 

1 location Focus



These tours include actually going to the Vortices and walking in the energies.  We have permits to go to the 4 main ones on National Forest land, private and public powerspots and vortices, as well as unique places of Sedona.  Includes an experienced guide that is knowledgeable with the History, Geology, Rocks, Vortex Energy, Native American History, Photography, and more. (averages 1+ vortex/hr plus insights) 



1 hr Labyrinth Walk  ($111.11 pp)

2 hr Spiritual Counseling

2 hr Card Reading

2 hr Crystal Gridwork

2 hr Energy Teachings

2 hr Medicine Wheel Ceremony

2 hr Energy Alignment



 All-Day Retreats  1 Day Retreat

(includes 3 hr Journey plus 3 to 4 hr Add-ons)  

Prices vary by add-ons (see booking page)



1 Hour Intuitive Session 




2 hr Medicine Wheel Ceremony

$188.88 (per 1-2 person)

$222.22 (private)



Weddings & Re-Commitments Ceremonies 

starting at $444.44



"Rites of Passage" Ceremony 

$333  (3 hr)



"End of Life Celebrations"




Personal Workshop & Retreats

 (Various prices)



Not everyone is able to come to Sedona.  Crystal StarrWeaver is willing to come to you through an invitation to Speak, teach, and share with your group.  Provide a space, travel costs, food, location and she will come!  Contact her Directly for available times.    

(I have been on both sides - Scholarship awards may be applied for so no one would be turned away.  Exchange is necessary for both sides) 


Location may include – Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Holy Cross Chapel, Munds Wagon Trail, Sugarloaf, Stupa, Boynton Canyon, Indian Gardens, Aeries, Rachel's Knoll, Cockscomb, Montezuma’s Well, Oak Creek Canyon, Tuzigoot, Chimney Rock, Thunder Mountain, Angel Valley, Jerome, & more.  



Energy Balancing Session / Crystal Readings / Chakra Balancing  Card Readings / Crystals 101 / Effective Communication/ Releasing the Past Patterns / Photo Opts / Medicine Wheel Journey / Labyrinth Walk / Cord Cutting / Feather Blessings / Sacred Tools / Intuitive Readings / Etc...  



 Custom & Group Journeys



We are excited to customize your Sedona experience by going to the places that you are highly interested in and other complimentary places. 

Group Rates for four or more people are personalized for the amount of time and services you request.  All our services are available with a group discount.


 Any additional information about Longer Tours, Retreats, Journeys, Classes, or other can be arranged by contacting us personally.  If you are planning on bringing a large group to Sedona, it is important to notify the National Forest Rangers that they are aware and get a special use permit.


Call Us!



or email either 




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