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Weddings performed in the Magical Energies of the Red Rocks are unforgettable.  The magic forms a bond of love together.  To be encircled by the Love and Beauty of the landscape, surrounding by the colors and sounds of nature, swirling in the vortex energies, and creating Life Changing Commitments, is one of the most empowering steps you take on your life journey. Crystal StarrWeaver is a Soul Connector and Divine Alignment Facilitator who can create a personalized, simple, traditional, or non- traditional wedding ceremony for you.  She is a non-denominational ordained minister that brings in her experience through working with nature, ancient ways, wisdom, ceremonies, & much more. 

(WEDDING PLANNING  Free first 30 min.  Afterwards $111 hr  Planning Time)

The Ceremony is personalized to your style:

  • Traditional Ceremony  & Non-Traditional MarriageCreating your own exclusive spiritual marriage union ceremony together.
  • Vortex Wedding in the Outdoors on the Red Rocks – Special locations with great energies as the back drop bringing in the healing energies of Sedona
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony– weaving in ancient cultures and wisdom with an ancient symbolic ceremony  Medicine Wheel  with plants, animals, minerals, and intentions.  
  • Labyrinth Journey– Weaving in the Past, Present, and Future with a stone creation of an ancient symbol of a Labyrinth
  • Ancient Wisdom Counseling Journey (3 hours) Walking the path through Sedona’s Vortexes to weave in the energies into your special day
  • Native American Ceremony– traditional smudging, calling in the directions, wedding vase, feather blessing, and exchanging vows.  (optional Native music and drumming)
  • Empowering Blessings & Ring ExchangesFocusing on Empowering energies connecting this union together through a blessing and exchanging of rings
  • Life Journey Ceremony  -  Before the Wedding, spiritual Guidance to see your gifts you are bringing into the marriage and releasing what no longer serves you into this beautiful new relationship journey.  Weaving the Gifts into the ceremony.   Creating a great foundation to step into your future together.  
  • Re-Commitment of Vows– Anniversaries or special opportunity to re-do your vows
  • Blending Families– Joining families together.  Children included in the ceremony
  • Customized Weddings– Plan your unique vows, plans, and creativity  (additional fess may apply)
  • Simple Weddings– 30 minutes  (individual pricing can apply)

Special Weddings Symbols  & Rituals– Candles, Sand, Salt, Crystals, Music, Rings, Feathers, Chakra Balancing, Unity Bowl, Metaphysical Tools, Smudging, Water Blessings, and much more can be utilized to enhance the ceremony. 

Additional Services Available–  Pre-Marriage Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Angel Feather Blessings, Cord Cutting, Intuitive Readings, Jeep Adventure, Land Journey - Re-Birthing, Pre-marriage Counseling, Chakra Balancing, Communication & Empowerment Skills, Life Gift Discovery, Vortex Harmony, Music, Flowers, Witnesses, Photographer, Video, Jeep Transportation, and much more.  (Additional fees may apply.)  

Average Wedding Ceremony- Includes 1 hour of planning time and 44 minutes on ceremony for $444   (Additional costs can be woven into a package price) 



Arizona is wedding-friendly. No residency is required and there is no waiting period after you obtain your marriage license (licenses are processed in about twenty minutes.)

  • No Arizona residency is required.
  • Couples must appear in person to obtain a license.
  • There is a $83 fee.  Be sure to Court of Clerk’s office before you go for what
  • Marriage license is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • There is no waiting period after you obtain your license.
  • Marriage licenses are usually processed within 15-20 minutes.
  • Two witnesses (at least eighteen years of age) must “witness” the wedding and sign the marriage license after the ceremony.

Order your marriage license application online and have it mailed to you (you must live in the United States for this service), please contacthttp://www.mohavecourts.com/clerk/mlpage.htm
Call: (928) 753-0713.  This does have a processing time. Call and confirm.

The closest offices to Sedona are:

Clerk of Superior Court -Verde Valley Judicial District – 2840 N. Common Wealth Dr., Camp Verde, AZ 86322, 928 567-7741 M-F 8 am to 5 pm (closed holidays)

Clerk of Superior Court – Flagstaff, Arizona, 200 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001, 928 779-6535 M-F 8 am to 5 pm (closed holidays)

For more information, as well as marriage license offices, phone numbers and hours of operation go to: https://www.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/records/marriage-licenses-passports/marriage-licenses

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