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"Don't Bust the Crust?"

What does that mean? Sedona is a fragile environment unlike most of the country, we are still building our soil layer.  There's a crust of an ancient Cynnobacteria, ("CryptoBiotic CynnoBacteria") that holds our land together and provides our environment life with its vegetation.  It was the bacteria that is connected to the first point of photosynthesis that started our atmosphere.  When walking off trails, one step kills the bacteria protective barrier, its like stepping on ants.  Once gone, it is gone.  

Unlike most places tourists come from we don't have a soil base.  We are very fragile environment and one off trail step can destroy 100;s of years of the crust  and will take another 100 years to repair it.  Some of our trails are expanding with so many new visitors that walk off the current trails that is stepping on this bacteria and busting the crust or bikes ridden on it.  The only problem is, it will take 50 to 100's of years to repair it. 

This bacteria absorbs water for the vegetation to survive.  Once the "Crypto Biotic Cynno Bacteria" is gone, our vegetation is gone.  The wind will erode more, trails widen, vegetation dwindles, and we don't have 100's of years to mend it.  

Please be mindful where you step. Don't create new paths even if it looks like someone already stepped there. The Crypto Biotic Cynno Bacteria is very important here.  When its dry it looks like bumpy black stuff but wet looks like neon green moss (that isn't Moss)   

Teach your children and yourself about this amazing uniqueness to our desert.  Even have them bring an extra water bottle or 2 and look for it and slowly pour water on it to see it open and change color. 


Black -  Dry

Brown - Damp

Green - Wet

Bright Green - Soaked

Within in seconds it reacts to the water and opens up like straws creating a Starr Shape design.  Check it out but don't step in it.  Thanks




Then get out there – and experience for yourself the majesty and magic of Sedona