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Juniper Tree with Vortex Twist

Kachina Woman at the Boynton Canyon Vortex


  Sedona Vortex

Soul Journey 


The beauty and peace of this ancient land will touch your heart and soul  

Your spirit will be uplifted by Sedona's energy and Light  

You can return home with new passion & purpose for your life...



  Our Personalized Journeys will support you in exploring the energies of Sedona. 

Our guides are knowledgeable of the area and intuitively guided to provide the

most meaningful time in the vortexes of beautiful Sedona. 



We will go to Sedona’s “Main Vortexes”& Minor Vortex and energy spots.  We will tailor your journey to what will work best for you. Journeys are 3 to 8 hr in length.   

We can customize the tour to your skills. The list below describes some of the locations that we have "themes" out by their energies.  Averages about 1 location per hour.  These can made into short stops or longer ones.  Read about them and see how they feel to you.  Thank You 



 Bell rock is the most iconic shape starting in the East of Village of Oak Creek that stands next to Castle Rock, Jacks Canyon, Twin Peaks, Baby Bell, and a variety of trails and rock formations.  Symbol of the “Bell of Change” and basis for the “Crystalline City” found within it.  Trails take you all round the base of the bell and radiate in various directions that are used for biking, hiking, walking animals, horseback riding, running, photography, and more.  They also make an infinity symbol around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.  Trees are twisted and straight, flowers on cactus, small shrubs, and lizards are scattered everywhere.  Iconic pure Upflow Masculine Vortex.  Great place to connect, release, and meditate.

Baby Bell and the Courthouse can be added to make this a one stop 3 hr journey. 


 Our Journey that we take here is:


Connecting to your Roots  This is One of the most visible sights in Sedona and hard to miss its “Bell” shape. The red rock here is One of the Main World’s main Energy Centers – with the Rejuvenational Healing Energies, it feels like a Fountain of Youth. The Base of Bell Rock is said to contain Crystals and Great Vortex energies to re-connect to the child within and family. Provides a Knowingness of your journey.  This will have some walking involved.   Meditation, hug from a Grandmother Tree, Merge into the Rock.  Energy of Bell rock is connecting to the Innocence of a Child, Balance, Masculine and Feminine Energies, and carries powerful strengths. We can go on the Bell Rock Trail around the area in front of the Bell Rock as well as to the 1st bench area on the Bell.  There is a sweet Grandmother Vortexed Tree to feel the heartbeat of the nature there.  




Cathedral Rock has 4 different areas to it and will change it appearance as to drive and walk around it’s infamous vortex.  The energies strength over a large area and lines up with the Oak Creek at the Red Rock Crossing that brings this area into a feminine consciousness.  The feminine energy there trengthens compassion, kindness, patience, and empowerment.   It offers an inward perspective along the creek and a higher perspective when you climb up to the “saddle” area on top.  Upflow vortex to the first Mesa and then shifts to an inflow/upflow votex at the top.   


Our Journey that we take here is:


Follow the trail to the ceremonial mesa where you are in the triangle of the Family, Creation, and Personal Empowerment. Great Place to feel Awakened into your Soul’s journey. Cathedral Rock has a natural beauty of changing its appearance by the point of view you see it in. Powerful Vortex energies to awaken the soul and breath taking views.  The sun crosses overhead throughout the day and the Milky Way through the night.  Great spot for the full moon.  3 WAYS INTO CATHEDRAL -  We can decide which one fits to the best physically.  




Up in the sacred canyon area you can walk the trail to the Vortex of “Balance” with the Warrior Rock sits in front of the Kachina spire creating a ying/yang energy – the balance of masculine and feminine energies.  These energies create a balance between the relationships, commitment, honesty, intimacy, and openness.  Standing in the middle of both you can feel the point of the energies.  Some will climb fearlessly to the top of the Warrior rock and others will sit between the tall Kachina woman.   You can feel the energies all the way down to the parking lot.  The Sacred energies of the entrance of the Boynton Canyon, mark the entrance into Secret Mountain.  Many ruins care be seen in this canyon.   The Native Americans have believed that this is Canyon is where they were birthed out of.  Sacred places on the Vista as well as a 6 mile mile canyon hike. Upflow vortex to the first Mesa and then shifts to an inflow/upflow votex at the top.   


Our Journey that we take here is:

ANCIENT BALANCE ” Boynton Canyon   Feeling out of Harmony and Balance? Here is the sacred lands of balancing Masculine and Feminine energies and connect to your true soul essence. We will Visit to do a meditation at the Bench by Deadman's Pass.  The Kachina Woman and her Warrior surrounded by the canyon echos of long ago. Feel the presence of the guardians of the land as you see the rock faces. Connect with the Gentle, yet Powerful Vortex Energies of these Sacred Canyons.  Our tour allows us to go to the Dakota bench or down Deadman's Pass.  To see the blend of male and female energies.   



 The 2 smaller mounds as you first come up the airport road has a strong vortex energy connect to the Masculine energy of self-confidence, to take charge of their life, and claim their rights.  Creates an Assertive action, Decisiveness, Focus, Solutions, and Concentration.  This one is a very easy area to get to with a slight amount of climbing from the parking area.  A little further up the road there is a larger parking lot where you can walk to a Look-out Point and see a great view of the Northern part of Sedona and up into the Canyons area.  Great Place for a meditation and see the Indicators. 



 Journey to the top of the vortex of the “Heart of Sedona” for an incredible 360 View of beautiful Sedona’s Red Rocks and Power spots. Time Allows for Serenity and Meditation for a powerful Re-Connections to your Heart and Soul “Remembering it is not the destination but the Journey that teaches you to Follow Your Heart.”  



THUNDER MOUNTAIN - “SPEAK YOUR TRUTH”      Shake up your perspectives of your life journey as the land offers unique shifting of perceptions to create illusions to disappear. Great opportunity to be on ceremonial lands. See the guardians of the Canyon. Connect with your Truth as you claim your Voice to Speak your Truth in this Vortex.  Stopping by the Mountain to fell the Vortex energies.  





I would like to offer a New Name - "Ascension Rock"

Feel like you have been here before? Walking this land? Special area to connect to the Native Spirits of the rocks to feel the journeys of Vision Quests connecting to the Ancient ways of life that Weave the animal energies & totems with the Freedom of the Eagles. Surrounded by the Ancient Wisdom and many Ruins in Cockscomb, Bear & Doe Mountain, and Fay & Boynton Canyons.




Be with the Ancient Medicine Men & Women, Elders, Grandmothers, and Shamans to connect to their Wisdom.  Brings in the energies of Focus and Clarity through the teachings it Elders (both male and female wisdom keepers). This is off one of the Oldest Road in Sedona. Ceremonial lands and handing off the Torch of Wisdom to the next group of Elders.  Feel the energies of the land and its Native and Pioneer connections. 





On the center of Seven Canyons Golf Course there is a Knoll ( a larger mound of land) that is known as Rachel's Knoll.  It is watched over by the Golf Course so you have to pass through the entrance gate, mention "Rachel's Knoll", pay a small fee ad then give up to the top to see beautiful views.  The previous Medicine Wheel that was on the land there has been removed.  The Buddhist Stupa graciously allowed it to be rebuild on its land so that the community can still have connection to the Medicine Wheel there.  



The Stupa and Buddha are resting below the Chimney Rock and the foot of Thunder Mountain.  As you walk up through the Red Rocks with the Tibet Flags flying, you will step into to a quiet place of meditation in the nature.  Walk around the Stupa, turn the Prayer Wheels, sit and Meditation on the rocks, walk the Medicine Wheel, and  listen to the sounds of the birds and flags. 



Is a beautiful trail that divides to the Chapel, Baby Bell, Rabbit Ears, and many beautiful trails.  It is the center of a circle of energy.  It is suited for everyone's skills.  Look at the map for the variety of trails.  Great place to go to when the other parking lots are full.   



 Nestled in the Neighborhoods that was in many western films.  See the land like it was when the homesteders and Native People came to the area.  Feel the Sedona Hug as the area is surrounded by a crescent shape area where the wind and water spiraled around years ago.  Birds sing, with the peaceful nature.  Feel the Heartbeat from the land there.  This leads to many other trails.    


 Walk around the Chimney Rock, over a saddle area, under the Layers of the Thunder Mountain, and walk over the the Coffee Pot and SugarLoaf.  The Feel the Vortex Heartbeats and relax on a rock.  Meditate in the Shadow of the Mountain.  Feel you voice opening into a Assertive way and remove the masks of the past.  


The road leads you to wonderful vistas and views of the North Canyons and the back of Thunder Mountain.  See the layers and features on the rocks.  See as far as Jerome and Volcanos of the past.   Look into the canyons, see the layers of the rocks that held homes in the Ancient Ruins.     











The Stone Chapel with a face of a tall cross, is building into the Red Rock on a very sacred place.  It is surrounded by rock faces, animals, and spires that are nicknamed the Madonna, and the three nuns.  Walk up the winding ramp to a beautiful chapel area where you can sit inside and meditate and light beautiful red candles.  Built in 1956, to provide a beautiful place to feel the sacred energies.  Views are fantastic of 3 of the other Vortexes, Bell, Cathedral, and Airport are seen from these view.  Feel the spiritual intention placed by the original creator of this piece of art. 

Open between 9-5 daily. 



are two more vortex spots that are easy for you to go to on your own.  The Chapel in the Rock has attendants there to assist your questions and an opportunity to set your journey in motion by lighting a small candle to honor those who have past or are still here.  The Airport Mesa has 2 small climbing mounds and also a large overview to take great pictures.  Or at least observe the passing of lights across the valley and rocks of Sedona as the sunset moves through its phases.                       Enjoy your time here in Sedona, there are a lot to see, feel, and do.   


We are permitted through the Coconino National Forest & Covered under commercial insurance.    


Location includes – Bell Rock, Cathedral. Chapel, Little Horse, Baldwin Trail, Secret Slckrock, Ramshead Trail, Crescent Moon Park, Airport Mesa Vista and OverLook.  Munds Wagon Trail, Sugarloaf, Stupa, Boynton Canyon, Indian Gardens, Ayres, Rachel's Knoll, Aerie. Montezuma’s Well, Oak Creek, Tuzigoot, Native Ruins, Thunder Mountain, Medicine Wheels, Labyrinth, ....


Other Vortex Areas that you can visit easily on your own are:


Travel the Oak Creek Canyon

Don't forget 

Buddhist Stupa of Sedona  and the infamous Chapel in the Rock - some of the sacred spiritual sites in Sedona.  We can also add these sites as well as other Native Ruins, Local spots, Oak Creek Canyon, and much more.  We have a lot of Local Artist in town too.  

Come to Aligning Light Center of Sedona at 333 N SR 89A, Suite 5 to our Metaphysical Store in Uptown Sedona where we have over 80 local vendors who bring in their beautiful work.  Something for Everyone.  Check out our page about the store.  

Also we have just opened a new Location for the "ALIGNING LIGHT CENTER"  2855 W SR 89A, #2, W Sedona, AZ




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