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 The mystical land that is Sedona

will speak to youthrough its beauty

and healing energy  


Here your spirit can be uplifted, 

renewed and awakened  


Here you

can begin again...


 In Sedona, the land of the red rocks, people of many cultures have discovered a beautiful and exciting place to live and prosper, heal and rejuvenate. For millions of years before the people arrived, this colorful land was being created under, and above, the ocean in a shallow tropical sea on the west coast of the equator. Layers of sand, silt, silica and other minerals were deposited there during the time of the super continent Pangaea. With the movement of the earth's tectonic plates, with upheavals from earthquakes and volcanoes, and with erosion from wind and water, this living land called Sedona was formed into the many expressions of beauty that we see today.


Eleven thousand years ago Mammoth Hunters migrated through this area and were the first people to leave signs of their culture. Adapting to a changing environment, Archaic people, who hunted smaller game and gathered native plants for food, roamed this land for thousands of years after the Mammoth Hunters. During their migrations to the four directions, Sedona was home to the Hopi people who later settled on the mesas to the north within sight of the sacred San Francisco Peaks. About 1500 years ago agriculture became an important addition to the native lifestyle with the Hohokam people who irrigated the land from creeks and rivers. They lived in more permanent pit and mesa dwellings in the Verde Valley. After them came the Sinagua people. The ruins of their pueblo housing are a lasting and intriguing beauty in Sedona, Verde Valley and Flagstaff. They lived an abundant life, combining agriculture with gathering and hunting. The peak of their well-developed trading culture lasted for about two hundred years.


The Yavapai people were living here when the Spanish explorers arrived in the mid-1500s. Nomadic Apache people migrated through this area, and some settled here. By the end of the 19th century, as native people were forced off their land, pioneers came to Sedona. Their lives were isolated and challenging - homesteading, farming, working in the mines and living off the land. One of the early pioneers, Sedona Schnebly, is the beloved namesake of our community.


Today Sedona, at 4500 feet in elevation at the base of the Mogollon Rim of the Colorado Plateau, enjoys a climate that changes with the seasons just enough to make life interesting! With a population of 10,000 Sedona's abundance is still on the land and in the multi-cultural people who live here and in the surrounding areas. The Verde Valley is home to some of the Yavapai-Apache people who returned to their native land. And Sedona has become a center for tourism, artists and galleries, outdoor adventures, healing and spiritual awakening.


Tourists have come from all over the world to spend time in the Red Rocks.  You maybe called to Sedona to experience the unique energies of the land.  


 Sedona Spirit Journeys ~ Awaken Your Heart in Sacred Sedona



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