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Crystal StarrWeaver


Review from the

Jan / Feb 2020


New-Age Appropriate

Energy Vortex, take me away 

"By Day 3, I was practically ready to move in to MiiAmo, but I still hadn't had that magical mystery vortex moment everyone kept talking about.  Even my climbs up Kachina Woman, a sandstone spire overlooking the property, yielding more than the of crazy-gorgeous vistas I'd come to expect. It took an extracurricular outing with Crystal StarrWeaver to bring it home.  StarrWeaver, own heads a company called Sedona Spirit Journeys, led me on a three-hour vortex tour in Silver Angel, her trusty minivan. We talked about a lot of things, and at times of nothing at all.  At Rachel's Knoll, a plateau that practically touches the heaven, she taught me to listen for messages in the wind.  An when we got to Bell Rock, like countless others before us, we lay down on a big, sunbaked stone flecked with quartzite and closed our eyes to meditate.  It took a few minutes, but then I felt it: a sense of incredible peace and serenity.  I was finally connected to the land, the moment, and, for once, myself.  And if that's not magical, I don't know what is."

by Sandra Ballentine


(Thank you Sandra)











CrystalStarrWeaver blends her Science Teaching background of Energy, Geology, with Native American Heritage, History of Sedona. As a Spiritual Intuitive, and Life / Soul Counselor, she is Aligning of Hearts, Minds, Body, Soul, and the Light Within.  Loves to assist guests to step into their Empowerment, Assertiveness, Manifestation, Self Fulfillment to see the Gifts & Strengths of their Journey. 


Journeys through Life  

  2020 Started with many having the time to really look at their life and utilized a "Pause" in their life to determine what is really important to them.  Through the Chaos and Confusion is emerging Clarity and Focus.  Many are making big changes this year.  Sending out blessings to all who have had strife, struggles, life opportunities, losses, and more.  Creating Clarity in all aspects of Humanity and Organizations to bring forward the  

Truth and Light on many topics.

I too have had to look at my journey and businesses to see what is important to me and what I do.  I have chosen to reduce our Brick and Mortar building store to an Online and Expand the Sedona Artist Market Display with more art.  I am expanding the Tour Company with Retreats, Explore-shop, (Workshop), Teaching, Create booklets, Meditations, Audios, Recordings, eBooks, Videos, Online Lessons on Zoom, 

 Online Virtual Classes, and more. 

I am going to pursue my Non-Profit Organization to support to Assist the school age kids to Discover that Science, Math, Writing, Art, Music, History is all connected to everyone's world.  To be able to offer some children's & youth tours, hikes, experiential learning, and creativity with Nature and the Environment.  I would like to say Thank You to you with my Gratitude for the Support.      

I encourage everyone to look within and utilize the truths, strengths, and gifts to assist you in your choices.  


into a new Golden Age,

humanity is awakening to rediscover our true nature ~

that we are spiritual beings of LIGHT in a physical body,

a presence on, and beyond, the earth.  

Life is so easy when we realize who we are and how the

puzzle pieces fit together.

You are the creator of our life path by the choicesthat we make."   


Our amazing journey is known by many names ~ 

"The Awakening", "Illumination", "Self-Realization",

"Ascension", "Enlightenment"


   Crystal StarrWeaver has taken others on journeys in Peru, Hawaii, and

        Mt Shasta, California before moving to Sedona.  

Her personal area of assistance

 is weaving Assertiveness and Empowerment into her journeys &

teachings as she encourages clients to Align to their Heart, Mind, Body, Soul,

and Spirit to their Higher Self.   Self Love, Gratitude, Awareness, Compassion, Balance, Conscious Language, and Empowerment

are keys to raising one’s vibration.  

She has been a certified teacher in Health, Psychology, and Sciences.  

CrystalStarrWeaver has worked in Prison systems, Middle School, Pre-School, and

College level.  She has multiple educational degrees including a Masters in Educational

Psychology, that she incorporates in her sessions.

During her quest to discover her path & discover who she is, she has learned many processes and skills that she weaves together in her sessions and journeys.  She is certified as a Neuro-Linguist Programming (NLP) - Master Facilitator,

Crystal Mastery, Intuitive Alignment Facilitator, and many other energy skills and modalities.  Being taught by Grandmothers and Daughters of Pele in Hawaii

and varies cultures she has been open to learning the interconnections of

Life and choices.  Her love of Nature, Learning, Exploring, Expanding, and Discovering has assisted her greatly on this life's journey.  

Come on a journey and be guided by CrystalStarrWeaver through the beautiful landscape of Sedona, magical vortex energies,

and the powerful connections to Mother Earth. 


Sedona Spirit Journeys ~ "Awaken Your Heart in Sacred Sedona"



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