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"As we enter a 

spiritual gateway into a new Golden Age,

humanity is awakening to rediscover our true nature ~

that we are spiritual beings of LIGHT in a physical body,

a presence on, and beyond, the earth.  

Life is so easy when we realize who we are and how the

puzzle pieces fit together.

You are the creator of our life path by the choices that we make."   


Our amazing journey is known by many names ~ 

"The Awakening", "Illumination", "Self-Realization", "Ascension", "Enlightenment"


   Crystal StarrWeaver has taken others on journeys in Peru, Hawaii, and

        Mt Shasta, California before moving to Sedona.  Her personal area of assistance

 is weaving Assertiveness and Empowerment into her journeys &

teachings as she encourages clients to Align to their Heart, Mind, Body, Soul,

and Spirit to their Higher Self.   Self Love, Gratitude, Awareness, Compassion,

Balance, Conscious Language, and Empowerment are keys to raising ones vibration.  

She has been a certified teacher in Health, Psychology, and Sciences.  

StarrWeaver has worked in Prison systems, Middle School, Pre-School, and

College level.  She has multiple educational degrees, including Masters in Educational Psychology that she incorporates.  

During her quest to discover her path & discover who she is, she has learned many

processes and skills that she weaves together in her sessions and journeys.  

She is certified as a Neuro-Linguist Programming (NLP) - Master Facilitator,

Crystal Mastery, Intuitive Alignment Facilitator, and many other energy skills

and modalities.  Being taught by Grandmothers in Hawaii

and varies cultures she has 

been open to learning the interconnections of Life and


Her love of Nature, Learning, Exploring, Expanding,

and Discovering has assisted her greatly on this life's journey.  

Come on a journey and be guided by Crystal Starr

Weaver through the beautiful

landscape of Sedona, magical vortex energies, and the powerful connections to

Mother Earth. 



Sedona Spirit Journeys ~ "Awaken Your Heart in Sacred Sedona"



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